Small Christian Communities (SCCs)

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There are 37 Small Christian Communities in our Parish, one in each quarter: Menteh M.S (3): Upper Menteh, Lower Menteh, Njenfiten; Manda M.S.(10): Nchang I, Nchang II, Teken I, Teken II, Manka I, Manka II, Alalieh I, Alalieh II, Bayelle I, Bayelle II;  Nebung M.S (4): Lower Mbessi, Upper Mbessi, Mbefi and Nebung; Mbelewa M.S.(3): Ntelah, Ntanjene, Atielah Bujong and Nkene;  Mboung M.S (3): Mboung, Njinefor (Mboung), and Njimbee; Mbelem M.S (4): Njenefor Mbelem, Ntabenkie, Mbelem and Tubah; Futru M.S: Futru 1, Futru 2, Futru 3, Health Centre, Mbesoh, Bujong Njengang; Menjung, Manka Mambu, Ntefenki. Before it was the SCCs Commission that was responsible of the SCCs good functioning but now it the PPFT.

We hold the Gospel’s sharing every Friday at 5:00 PM in their various quarters led by one or two coordinators. All the SCCs coordinators meet together every three months and receive formation, help, and a booklet with the readings for the Gospel Sharing in pidgin and discuss about the upcoming activities in the parish. The Fathers go to celebrate Mass periodically in each SCC. The SCCs’ Feast is celebrated yearly on the Holy Trinity Sunday, or on some other appropriate feast.

The Small Christian Communities organize visits to the poor and to the sick in their quarters, encourage the celebration of marriages, promotes baptisms, do communal works, campaign for collections, etc.

Especially in the last years, we have tried to empower the SCC Coordinators and Assistants with more responsibilities, like registering candidates for all Sacraments.